Aggregate Decklists – Improved

January 22, 2016admin No Comments »

Thanks to the help of user Eduardo, and some patience on my end, I was able to resolve a small bug that was present in the Deck Tweaking Plus Feature when creating ‘Aggregate Decklists’.  It’s now working great!

For those not in the know an ‘Aggregate Decklist’ is a more functional way to ‘average’ out a large number of decklists into a deck that approximately represents an entire archetype.  Thanks go to Frank Karsten for providing the basis in his ChannelFireball article here:

Simply choose a format, an archetype, a timeframe, and the whether you want to include all decklists in that dataset, or whether you want to drill down into only undefeated Daily Event and League decklists.

Once the decklist is visible you can now also export it into various formats (MTGO, Cockatrice, Apprentice, etc.) by clicking on the little picture of a floppy disk, just like the majority of other decklists published on   I personally like using this tool to export aggregate modern decklists to a Magic Online compatible text file, which I then import on MTGO.  Once done I can use them as a starting off point for my tweaking and tuning.

After fixing a small sorting bug, I also added a small tweak to Frank’s algorithm.  Frank’s tiebreaker for the final few cards after sorting was just alphabetical by card name.  I upped the ante with these tiebreakers:

The first is whether the card is a land or not.  Using the alphabetical approach I noticed a few times where the aggregate decklist would end up with more lands than desired.  I’ve handicapped lands for the first tiebreaker.
The 2nd is a count of the total number of each card seen in the maindecks and sideboards of all the decklists that are being aggregated, with the bigger numbers coming out on top.

and the 3rd, that likely won’t be reached very often, is a check as to how old the card is, with newer cards getting the advantage.

Note that this is a premium MTGPulse feature! Give it a try!

Further fixes to Facebook Integration

December 13, 2015admin 1 Comment »

After banging my head against a wall for a while I was able to solve some of the root issues causing errors with the Facebook Login functionality.  Please let me know if you continue to encounter errors or challenges logging in with Facebook.

Facebook Integration Updated

October 19, 2015admin 1 Comment »

Some users had been reporting encountering errors when logging into through Facebook.  This weekend I was able to do significant upgrades to the webserver as well as the Facebook API integration.  Errors resulting from Facebook logins should no longer occur.  Please let me know if you encounter any further errors.

Further Adjustment to Archetypes Match-up Page – Meta-game fix

August 9, 2015admin No Comments »

After altering the Metagame tool I realized that the metagame that was being used for the archetypes match-up tool page was a bit off.  Turns out it was looking at all the results recorded over the last x weeks and determining the meta-game from each deck’s share of that total.  Since the meta-game can shift much faster than the running average of the last x weeks (4 is the default in the case of standard), I altered it to instead look at decklists recorded over the last 1 week for Standard, and last 3 weeks for other formats.  Should make the weighted average number even more meaningful!

My future plans for this page are to add a set of boxes allowing you to alter the meta-game as you wish, to help predict the best deck for a future meta-game.  Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas for this page.

Revised Metagame Tool

August 8, 2015admin 1 Comment »

I often found our Metagame tool a bit difficult  to use, particularly as the stacked bar chart was ordered in descending order based on the number of decks in the meta at the start of the date range you defined, rather than at the end.

Well I changed that, and also provided a bit of text that displays the meta-game percentage at the end time period that the user has defined.
You can veiw the Metagame chart by clicking on the  link near the top of every page.

Adjustment to the Archetypes Match-up Page

August 5, 2015admin No Comments »

I have made some adjustments to the appearance of the Archetypes Match-up tool to make it slightly less customizable, but at the same time more useful:

  • The number of archetypes visible is now always 10.
  • The wins and losses in the data gathered for each pairing is now always visible.
  • I have modified how win% are calculated to use a Bayesian-style method that will generate values that more closely reflect real life deck win%  based on the data gathered, and will drift from a prior estimate of 50% and approach the true win % as more and more data is gathered.  E.g.  A single result of 1 win does not mean that the match-up is 100%, but it should also not be discarded for lack of sample size.
  • The Weighted Average column now displays an actual weighted average that is calculated thusly: Sum of [Win % * Metagame %] for each of the 10 visible archetypes, plus [50% * Remainder of Meta-game %] for the archetypes that did not crack the top 10 most popular.

I have also been working on the Data gathering Bot that feeds data into this tool.  Improving its up-time, reliability, and speed.  I expect the rate at which results are uploaded to MTGPulse to increase significantly following the August 5th MTGO Downtime.

MTGO Results Scraping Back Online

July 15, 2015admin No Comments »

Hello all,

Just a quick note to let you know that I have been able to update the MTGO Results gathering for the V4 client.  Data on match-ups has started flowing into MTGPulse again!

I’m planning to make a few changes and improvements to the Metagame and Archetype Match-ups pages.  If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments or on Twitter @mtgpulse

Under New Ownership

July 1, 2015admin No Comments »


Just a quick note to let you all know that ownership of has transferred from the brilliant and resourceful Per Stilling to myself, Sean Gifford as of June 1st, 2015.

I’ve started fixing a few of the things that have broken down.  First and foremost was the Site Crawling for MTGO Decklists.  I believe I have eliminated the majority of those bugs as of today, but if you find any please let me know on twitter @mtgpulse or via email sean -at- mtgpulse -dot- com

The next feature I am slaving away trying to fix is getting MTGO Results tracking back online, which has not worked since the transition to v4.  I am getting very close, and I expect to have some results coming in within a week.

Looking forward to getting this site running back at its full capacity!

Deck sheet generation added!

February 7, 2012admin No Comments »

We’ve added deck sheet generation to the slew of options we have when viewing a deck. Go check it out!

Special thanks to @JeppeBV for creating this sweet addition for!

New wordpress deckbox plug in

February 7, 2012admin 1 Comment »

Hi there. We’ve put together a completely officiel wordpress plugin for the mtgpulse deckboxes. You can see all the information you need here: